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Adding onto Museums considered Architectural Icons

Oakland Museum of California

Soft Touch Transforms Oakland    Museum of California

Take one iconic mid-modern museum, age it 40 years, stir in evolved exhibition techniques, and lightly toss with a sensitive renovation. Chef (and architect) Mark Cavagnero has done just that, and the result is the skillfully recrafted Oakland Museum of Cali- fornia. Originally designed by Roche and Dinkeloo in 1969, the museum has been lauded as a Brutalist... more

Museum Roof Top

Renzo Piano & New Kimbell Annex, Fort Worth, Texas

The $125 million expansion of the Kimbell Art Museum by Italian ar- chitect Renzo Piano offers something of an olive branch to critics: The design being formally unveiled today preserves the integrity of the Louis Kahn original while limiting encro- achment onto... more Kimbell Art

Critics of the project, which has been in public discussion since 2008, have questioned if Piano’s design will dis- rupt that of Kahn’s building and have voiced concerns about losing the green space outside the Kimbell. Piano’s new design, however, has placed nearly half of the new 85,000-square-foot building underground with a terraced roof – with a 137-car park- ing garage also underground.... more

Kimbell Art Museum by Louis Kahn. c 1970

Addition to Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum in New York

Gwathmey Siegel’s addition to and re- novation of the Solomon R. Gug- genheim Museum in New York City is one of the firm’s most celebrated and critically acclaimed works. It contains 51,000 square feet of new... more

High Museum of Art, Atlanta

Renzo Piano Building Workshops doubled the size of the High Museum in Atlanta embracing Richard Meier’s original building with a villagelike campus for culture. When Richard Meier’s building for the High... more

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U.S. Architecture Schools Announce Leadership Changes

Tom Buresh: To UC Berkeley from Michigan State

As campuses prep for the fall semester, some top ar- chitecture schools are ex- periencing turnovers among their high-level staff. Deans and other administrators have stepped down, or an- nounced plans to, at the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Maryland,  the Cooper Union, the... more

American Landscape Architects Announce 2010 Awards

The annual ASLA awards have been announced and there is a slight relief to the ever expanding trophy cases of the Hargreave's and Peter Walker's with some relatively less profiled shops taking honors. One being Turenscape (can someone explain how they qualify for an American... more ASLA Bustler

ASLA Awards 2010 Highlights

High Tech High-Chula Vista, Ca

Aiming ‘High?With           LEED Gold

High Tech High, a charter school serving approxi- mately 550 students in San Diego’s South Bay area, was recently awarded LEED Gold certification for its energy-efficient design and modular construction. De- sign firm Studio E and general contractor BYCOR, both of San Diego, worked with Williams Scotsman, a Baltimore-based provider of modular... more Schools

World’s 10 Largest Construction Projects

Engineering News-Record, a sister publication to Archi- tectural Record, has re- leased its list of the 10 largest construction pro- jects around the globe. The projects range in scope and purpose, from creating a vacation hot spot in the Persian Gulf to diverting water to quench North China’s thirst.... more

Saadiyat Island Entertainment and Leisure Destination