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2010 Los Angeles          Architecture Awards

L.A. Live- Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Community Impact Award

This major entertainment complex, built according to advanced sus- tainability principles, completes a 20-year redevelopment project that began with the expansion of the LA Convention Center and included the construction of Staples Center. It represents a unique model of suc- cessful collaboration between busi- ness and government—and has played a significant role in... more


SOM wins 2010 “Good Design is Good Business” China Award

The San Francisco office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) has re- ceived a 2010 “Good Design is Good Business” China Award for... more

Arena Stage, Washington, DC

Rooftop Haven for Urban Agriculture

The Gary Comer Youth Center Roof Garden is an after-school learning space for the youth and seniors in a

neighborhood with little access to safe outdoor environments. Last year alone, it... more HOERR e-Architect

The Gary Comer Youth Center, Chicago, IL

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Colleges & Universities

Adrian Luchini brings con- temporary form and a new material palette to Harris- Stowe State University’s traditional campus. Saint Louis is a city of brick. That most traditional of materials clads the majority... more

World's Largest Single-Family Home

Rising like an monument to immoderation, the world's home has finally... more All Voices

Dilworth Plaza - TIGER Funding Set Loose in Philly Park

Framed by two sweeping pavilions shaping a gateway to one of Philadelphia’s bu- siest transit hubs, a pro- posed $55 million ... more

Will the Harmon Hotel at CityCenter be imploded?

Is one of the hotels in the Las Vegas City Center complex doomed? It looks like one of the high-rise hotels in the $8.5 billion CityCenter... more Luxist