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Rapid Transit >>>                    The Ultimate Green Solution

Subway in Paris, France

9 Of The World's Best Subways

Metros are high frequency, high capa- city, urban electric transport railway systems. Also known as the subway, underground, and tube, they are distinguished by being separated from all other types of traffic, pedestrians included. When it comes to... more

Subway in São Paulo, Brazil

Creating the Washington Metro

The Washington, D.C., Metro project established Harry Weese & Associates as the country's foremost architect- ural designer of rail transit systems,

Metro under construction, 1989.

and led to the firm's involvement in the planning and conceptual design of systems in cities in North America and overseas, including Miami, Los An- geles, Dallas, Buffalo... more Visiting Washington, DC Find Target

200 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL

"Harry Weese - a great Chicago architect &- creator or the Washington Metro"


A vivid, no-holds-barred look at the life and career of the late Chicago Architect Harry Weese is creating a stir in Chicago's architecture com-

munity. The story, which appears in the current issue of Chicago magazine and was written by Robert Sharoff, deals not only with Weese's... more Chicago Mag Chicago Architecture

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Western Red Cedar Architectural Design Awards

The 6 winners of the West- ern Red Cedar Architectural Design Awards are present- ed here.  The competition demonstrated the architects abilities to express inno- vative structural techniques and surfaces in new cons- truction and in... more

Restoration of a Georgian Country House

There are 2 aspects to re- storing country houses. One is about repairing fabric, perhaps dramatically so after a ruinous fire. But the other, more subtle but no less important, is about recovering the spirit of the place; coaxing it back to life after... more Enfilade

Boy Scouts Castle Wins Top Award of Excellence

Although activity in Light Commercial Construction faltered this year, winners of the 2011 Awards of Ex- cellence from NAHB’s Na- tional Commercial Build- ers Council (NCBC) demon- strate how stand-out pro- jects are successfully res- ponding to a... more NAHB

Interiors Pro Focus: Candra Scott & Anderson

Based in San Francisco, Candra Scott & Anderson is recognized as one of the leading interior design firms worldwide. Since... more