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2010 Los Angeles       Architecture Awards

LAPD Administration Building by AECOM

A few weeks ago the LA Business Council hosted the 40th version of the LA Architectural Awards. Selected by a jury of 10 notable design... more

Cahill Center for Astronomy & Astrophysics at Caltech by Morphosis Architects

ASLA Professional Awards

This project addressed the site design for an undeveloped hilltop on Cape Cod. Mindful of the impact of development on the pristine site, the landscape architect and architect worked together to create a strategy which would meet the client's program

Pamet Valley, Truro MA                            Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architect

matic needs while minimizing the area of disturbance. The designers allowed the necessary insertion of structure to act as a positive force by harnessing the dramatic tension between the naturalistic and designed.... more

Lakeside Retreat

Given this project's primary goal of drawing on the inherent qualities of site to establish a rustic New England Lakeside Retreat, the site was carefully chosen for its confluence of several significant natural features and themes. The 369-acre site is heavily wooded with a mix of hardwood and softwood species and a light density of native understory trees, shrubs, and ground covers—creating a dappled green woodland with a navigable forest floor, through which glimpses of the water... more

Lakeside Retreat, New England    Richardson & Assoc. Landscape Architects

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Countdown to World Architecture Festival

World Architecture Festival is the world's largest, live, truly inclusive and inter- active global architectural awards programme... more


The Venice Biennale, which has its offices in Ca' Giustinian (San Marco, 1364/A), has for over a century been one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the... more

Monterey Design Conference… A Real Treasure

The 2011 Monterey Design Conference will be held October 7-9, 2011, at the Asilomar conference center. The Monterey... more cvent


AA London > Projects Review 2011

Unique, dynamic, indepen- dent and international, the Architectural Assoc... more

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