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2012 AIA Honor Awards

8 House / BIG Architects          Copenhagen, Denmark

The AIA Honor Award recipients for 2012 will be honored at the AIA 2012 National Convention and Design Expo- sition in Washington, D.C. The award recognizes works that exemplify excellence in architecture, interior architecture... more Arch Daily AIA


The Standard, New York

Located in Manhattan’s Hudson river- front Meatpacking District, the hotel responds to its context through con- trast: sculptural piers, whose forms clearly separate the building from the

Ennead Architects

orthogonal street grid, raise the building fifty-seven feet off the street, and allow the horizontally-scaled industrial landscape to pass beneath it and natural light to penetrate to the street. The 18-story building straddles the High Line, a 75-year-old elevated railroad line recently developed into a new linear, public park. The two slabs of the building are “hinged,” angled to further emphasize the building’s distinction from the city’s grid and its levitation above... more Ennead AIA

2012 AIA Twenty-five Year Award

When Frank Gehry and his wife bought an existing house in Santa Monica, California, the neighbors did not have the slightest idea that the corner residence would soon be transformed into a symbol of... more

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2012 Interior Designer of the Year Awards

Jurors said, "Many of these projects were commission- ed in the midst of the greatest financial crisis in our lifetimes. These de- signers persevered and delivered. We’re excited to see what this means for our profession going forward. We hope this is a... more

AIA Committee on the Environment 2012 Awards

The American Institute of Architects and its Commit- tee on the Environment (AIA–COTE) announced the Top Ten projects for 2012. This year’s batch of winners highlight community ties, social equity, and attentive- ness to water issue... more


Lifetime Achievement: Richard Saul Wurman

Spurred by the dance between his curiosity and ignorance, Richard Saul Wurman, FAIA, seeks ways to make the complex clear. Described by Fortune ma- gazine as an “intellectual hedonist” with a “hum- mingbird mind,” he has written, design... more

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SCI-ARC Southern California Institute of Architecture

SCI-Arc is a center of innovation and one of the nation's few independent architecture schools, offer- ing undergraduate and graduate programs, dedi- cated to educating archi- tects who will imagine... more Sci-Arc Arch Mag

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