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Record Interior Awards

Working with 6,500 square feet in a landmarked cast-iron loft building dating from 1867 at the corner of Greene and Grand streets, SO-IL created two long, rectilinear work areas separated by a dividing wall of double layers of white nylon scrim. Affixed to steel portals that give access from one space to the other, the layers enshroud a long row of cast-iron columns, painted white.

Logan by SO-IL

“The fabric walls not only diffuse the light but, like a projection screen, change colors as natural light changes throughout the day,” notes... more


VJAA Receives 2012 AIA Architecture Firm Award

Founded only in 1995, VJAA has already won acclaim for the way it uses architectural research to create buildings uniquely and empirically attuned to their geography, climate, history, and culture.

The firm’s three principals—Vincent James, FAIA; Jennifer Yoos, AIA; and Nathan Knutson, AIA—have led VJAA on a wide-ranging search for the embedded logic of projects: the essential markers of place, function, materiality, and craft... more Vjaa

Vincent James Associates Architects


ASLA Announces 2012 Professional Awards

Project statement: “Contemporary cities are not resilient when faced with inundations of surface water. Landscape architecture can play a key role in addressing this problem.

A Green Sponge for a Water-Resilient City: Qunli Stormwater Park

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) announced the winners of the 2012 Professional Awards. The awards honor the top public places, residential designs, campuses, parks and urban... more

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ar+d Awards for Emerging Architecture

Now in their 14th year, the ar+d Awards for Emerging Architecture are the world’s most popular and presti- gious awards for young architects, giving emerging practices invaluable impe- tus on their trajectory to wider stardom... more

7 Cities with Great Green Projects Others Should Imitate

Cities can be hot-spots of pollution, with thousands or millions of people, cars, pets, industries, and more contributing to global warm- ing. But they can also be centers of innovation, as bright ideas... more

Urban Gardening

The nursery that grew the plants for the Academy’s roof, Carmel-based Rana Creek, developed an innovative and sustainable strategy to prevent the plants and soil from sliding down these slopes. Using tree sap and coconut husk fiber... more

Featured Design School
Harvard GSD             Graduate School of Design

The Department of Archi- tecture is rich in diversity, creativity, and scholarship. With an international faculty prominent across the breadth of the field, students are exposed to many different approaches to design... more

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