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Cooled Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, Wilkinson Eyre, Grant Associates, Atelier One and Atelier Ten.

World Architecture Festival 2012

"The World Architecture Festival 2012 recently celebrated its fifth year in style at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Recently quoted in The Straits Times as the ""Oscars of the Architectural World"", the event brought together over 1,500 inter- national architects to compete and celebrate excellence in architecture.

Winners of World Building of the Year 2012 Wilkinson Eyre, Grant Associates, Atelier One and Atelier Ten.

The festival awarded 37 category winners and concluded with recog- nising 3 winners for ""World Building of the Year"", ""Future Project of the Year"" and ""Landscape of the Year." Attendees enjoyed a wide variety of keynote presentations, including an address from Thomas Heatherwick and Moshe Safdie, seminar sessions and more learning and.... more



SCUP offers an awards program that recognizes excellence in planning, design and implementation efforts of firms and institutions, as well as the achievements of individuals whose lives and passions involve higher education.

The University of Chicago, Illinois for the Walkways and Gardens in the Historic Main Quadrangle Landscape with Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects

The K.C. Parsons Founders Award began in 1985 and recognizes excep- tional achievement and accom- plishments in higher education planning, such as contributions to the literature, the planning... more

Winners of World Building of the Year 2012

Vincent James Associates Architects


LEED for Homes Awards recipients revealed at Greenbuild 2012

Outstanding Multifamily Project: Eco Modern Flats, Specialized Real Estate Group (developer); Fayetteville, Ark. 

For the first time in Greenbuild’s 10-year history, the event was held in beautiful, green building-heavy San Francisco and fittingly enough a primary venue, the Moscone Center, just recently achieved LEED Gold certification following an extensive facelift and renovation.

Project of the Year Award: Place of the Hidden Waters Community Longhouse, Puyallup Tribal Housing Authority; Puyallup, Wash

"This LEED Platinum certified housing project is a culturally and environ- mentally responsive new model for the Puyallup Tribe in the Pacific NW. It’s located on the Puyallup reser- vation on a hill overlooking the Puget Sound tide flats, which were traditional Puyallup tribal... more


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2012 AIA                Young Architects Award

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has se- lected thirteen recipients to receive the 2012 AIA Young Architects Award. Defined as professionals who have been licensed ten years or fewer, the Young Architects will be honored for making significant contributions to the profession... more

2012                         Brick in Architecture Award Winners

Since 1989, the BIS (Brick Industry Association) has sponsored one of the country's most prestigious architectural award pro- grams - the Brick in Architecture Awards. As the only national association to represent both manu- facturers and... more

WALLPAPER             Design Awards

It's not often a design can be said to be truly revolutionary. Usually, save for a few quirky flourishes, the design in question retains the same recog- nisable shape. Not so this radiator by paris-based 5.5 Designers. The object looks, at first... more

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Cooper Union                      School of Architecture

The mission of The Irwin S. Chanin School of Archi- tecture is to provide for its students the finest profe- ssional education available within an intellectual en- vironment that fosters and expands their creative capacities and sensibilities and establishes.... more

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