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Tod Williams Billie Tsien
Architects 2013

AIA Architecture Firm Award Recipient

The American Institute of Architects Board of Directors awarded the 2013 AIA Architecture Firm Award to Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, who blend exquisite care for detail with subtle, reverent architecture thatís both timeless in its abstracted, meditative forms and materially specific to context and place. The AIA Architecture Firm Award, given annually, is the highest honor the AIA bestows on an architecture firm, and recognizes a practice that has consistently... more TWBTA

The American Folk Art Museum in New York, New York image courtesy of Michael Moran


PWP Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture Firm Award Recipient

PWP Landscape Architecture will receive the Landscape Architecture Firm Award, the highest award ASLA may bestow upon a landscape architecture firm in recognition of distinguished work that influences the profession.

Founded in 1983 by Peter Walker, PWP works globally on a variety of projects in urban design, planning, and landscape design. Based in Berkeley, California, the firm has seven partners and 35 employees. It has received more than 90 regional, national, and international design awards including 35 national awards from ASLA... more PWP

The Absolute Towers in Canada

CNN's "Great Buildings" showcases six of the world's leading architects. We ask them to name the favorite building they have designed and to choose a piece of architecture they wished they had created.

Southwest of Toronto, in a satellite city called Mississauga, Ma Yansong's vision of a flowing, organic architecture halts the tedium of a relentlessly box-shaped cityscape. His two residential towers are alike= in their sinuous curvilinearity -- which enraptured locals nicknamed "Marilyn Monroe" -- but were designed separately... more Business Insider

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It's Time                  2013 Is Open

The Core77 Design Awards offers individuals or teams the chance to win prizes by participating in a cele- bratory design program. A series of Honorees will have their work selected from among all completed en- tries that are submitted.You can only enter work that is original and that you have the right or authority to enter and.... more core77

2013 AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education

Robert Greenstreet, Intl. Assoc. AIA, accomplished architect, prolific author, and celebrated educator, is the recipient of the 2013 AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Archi- tectural Education. In his more than 35-year career, Greenstreet has taught at five schools of... more


Now in its third year, the WAN AWARDS has evolved into the world's largest ar- chitectural awards... more

Featured Design School
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Architecture was one of the four original departments at MIT, and it was the first signal that MIT would not be narrowly defined in science and technology. Through recognition of architecture as a liberal discipline, the Department has... more

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