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Eskew + Dumez + Ripple to receive the 2014 AIA Architecture Firm Award.

Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Board of Directors voted for Eskew + Dumez + Ripple to receive the 2014 AIA Architecture Firm Award. The firm will be honored at the 2014 AIA National Convention... more

The AIA Architecture Firm Award, given annually, is the highest honor the AIA bestows on an... more


Religious Architecture

From the architect. The Parish’s objective for their new spiritual home was to create a destination that was more than a Sunday worship space.

Korean Presbyterian Church by Arcari + Iovino Architects

From the architect. The enlargement of the Gubbio cemetery is the result of studies of a new model of public building. On the one hand... more

Extension of Gubbio Cemetery by Andrea Dragoni + Francesco Peso

Bright Nights, Big Problems

Astronomers rate the darkness of our skies on a scale (the Bortle Scale) of 9 (brightest) to 1 (darkest). Most of us spend our lives in the radiance of levels 5 through 8, only rarely venturing into areas ranked 3 or darker. Because of the rapid growth of light pollution over recent decades, most Americans under 40 have never known real darkness. All over the globe our nights are growing brighter, and almost nowhere are they growing darker. We are just beginning to learn the true cost of all this light. Studies increasingly link... more Dark Sky

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Sochi: What happens to Olympic cities after the Olympics are over?

For a city, there’s nothing quite like the glory of winning an Olympic bid. The highly competitive process starts nine years before the games and involves untold amounts of campaigning and planning. Once sele- cted, fortunate cities have seven years to... more


What’s this Google driverless car doing at Tesla’s Fremont plant?

Sure, you’d like to think that Tesla was going to adopt Google’s driverless car technology and pop it in their cars but the reality is that Tesla is going to build its own “Auto-pilot”. Plus, if the tech was being demoed, it would probably... more

February 2014 Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction Update

February was blistering cold and snowy, but the Sandy Team kept things warm and exciting with a 3-day event in Red Hook, New York, community meetings in New Jersey and planning mee- tings on the Jersey Shore. With less than 19... more

Featured Design School

Berkeley's Department of Architecture was founded on strong principles of multidisciplinary collabo- ration and respect for experimentation. As part of the College of Environ- mental Design, the Department’s evolution has been nourished by social, cultural, and.. more

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