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Imported Cuban Modernism Revisted

Havana Hilton/Habana Libre Hotel | Photo: Patrick McGrew.

The Habana Libre hotel

Designed by American Welton Becket & Associates, one of Los Angeles' leading mid-century corporate architectural firms, no building in Cuba captures the California... more umbrella travel Quim

1958, Welton Becket & Associates with Nicolas Arroyo & Gabriela Menendez1



Hotel Habanna Riviera

Hotel Habana Riviera

The Hotel Habana Riviera is a blend of sensationalist style and a commercially-oriented brand, strongly influenced by the modern American Art Deco which arrives in Cuba under the sway of the hotels built in Las Vegas and Miami during the 1950's.

1957 Igor Boris Polevitzky, one of the deans of Miami Modern architecture

The hotel was owned and operated by Riviera de Cuba S.A. company, which was established by Meyer Lansky. In selecting an architect for the Riviera, Lansky initially approached Wayne McAllister, who was the prolific Los Angeles–based designer of Las Vegas's stylish Desert Inn, Fremont, and Sands hotels—all properties controlled by Lansky's associates in the "Cleveland Gang." more Hotel Habana Riviera


Nuetra in Cuba

A perfect example of California-inspired modernism in Cuba is the Alfred de Schulthess Residence. This Havana residence was Neutra's only tropical project.

de Schulthess Residence | Photo: Kim McKnight.

It was designed for Swiss banker Alfred de Schulthess who only lived in the house for four years (1956-1960). Since then it has served as the residence of the Swiss Ambassador to Cuba. The gardens were designed by Brazilian Burle Marx, who is considered the most important landscape architect of the twentieth century by Cubans. The garden design is far more South American in feel than the house itself. To create one of the best examples of modern architecture in Cuba, Neutra was assisted by local... more modelsown sah

(1956, Richard Neutra)


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World Architecture festival - The 2015 Shortlist!

More than 2,200 architects from 60 countries attend WAF - it is your passport to the international architecture scene. Be inspired, gain knowledge and make contacts with your global peers, clients and... more


Architecture Billings Index Shows Continued Growth

The Architecture Billings Index (ABI) increased in June, primarily due to a persistent demand for new government, public safety, education, and healthcare facilities. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) reports that the ABI score has indicated an increase in design services and has... more


Milan Expo 2015- Feeding the World

Cooking demonstrations, food and wine tastings, workshops and a wide array of other public events showcasing the very best of the world, including Italy, of course, are taking place on the Exhibition Site. Whether in the participants’ pavilions, on the Decumanus, at the Cascina... more


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Washington University in St Louis- Masters Program

The Master of Architecture program focuses on the critical role of architects in society and culture. The School has a strong history of practice-based education that has been expanded to include depth in issues of sustainability and digital design. more

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