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The State of the Art of Architecture

The Chicago Architecture Biennial provides a platform for groundbreaking architectural projects and spatial experiments that demonstrate how creativity and innovation can radically transform our lived experience. he inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial, titled The State of the Art of Architecture, will take stock of the extraordinary ways in which architects, artists, designers, planners, activists, and policy makers from around the world are tackling the most pressing issues of today. By shining a light on realized architectural projects, projects in formation, spatial experiments made visible, and public gatherings, the Biennial seeks to generate thinking about architecture and its implications for our times. more





Mill River Park and Greenway. Stamford, CT

Mill River Park and Greenway

The Hotel Habana Riviera is a blend of sensationalist style and a commercially-oriented brand, strongly influenced by the modern American Art Deco which arrives in Cuba under the sway of the hotels built in Las Vegas and Miami during the 1950's.

Formerly a polluted, derelict riverfront, Mill River Park and Greenway is now a verdant, animated civic space that mends the ecological and social fabric of downtown Stamford, Connecticut. Working closely with engineers and ecologists, the team conceived of... more


Cedar Creek - Residential

Set in a wooded, 7 acre site above Cedar Creek Lake, this series of buildings are weaved discreetly below the tree line and take advantage of commanding views of the surrounding lake.

Trinidad, TX | Hocker Design Group

The collaborative effort between design team and client transformed a long-held family property at into a legacy weekend destination where the harmony between built structure and site results in a completed project that feels as if it has been in situ for years. It was designed for Swiss banker Alfred de Schulthess who only lived in the house for four years (1956-1960). Since then it has served as the residence of the Swiss Ambassador to Cuba. The gardens were designed by Brazilian Burle Marx, who is considered the most important landscape architect of the twentieth century by Cubans. more



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2015 Thomas Jefferson Awards for Public Architecture

The Institute Honor Awards program recognizes achievements for a broad range of architectural activity to elevate the general quality of architecture practice, establish a standard of excellence against which all architects can measure performance, and... more


World Architecture Festival

World Architecture Festival is the world’s largest international architectural event. It includes the biggest architectural awards programme in the world, dedicated to celebrating excellence via live presentations to delegates and international juries. More than 2000 architects from 60 countries attend WAF - it is your passport to the international architecture scene.  more


The European Women In Construction & Engineering Awards

Women represent only 11% of the construction workforce in the UK and most of these jobs are office based and only 2% work in manual jobs. When it comes to women in engineering only 9 per cent of UK engineering professionals are women... more


Featured Design School
University of California, Berkeley - The Department of Architecture

We teach students to imagine, question, experiment, innovate, build, and reflect. Our curriculum is designed to foster independent thinking and to give students a balance of foundational knowledge and skills, with flexibility to follow their passions. more

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