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B.V. Doshi, winner of the 2018
Pritzker Prize

B.V. Doshi was named the winner of the 2018 Pritzker Prize, the profession’s highest accolade. For the past 70 years, Doshi has shaped the discourse

Sangath is Doshi’s own studio

of architecture and urban design, with a particularly strong influence in his native India... more


Pritzker Laureates

Chicago, IL (March 7, 2018)—Professor Balkrishna Doshi, of India, has been selected as the 2018 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate, announced Tom Pritzker, Chairman of Hyatt Foundation, which sponsors the award that is known international... more


Blueprint for Better Cities

At AIA 2018, some of the most creative architects, designers, and firms will share how they’re creating their own blueprint and making a difference in cities

all over the world, from London, Arkansas to London, England. Networking happens everywhere. Every year, attendees rank networking and connecting with former colleagues or classmates among the... more

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Venice Biennale 2018

The Venice Biennale has released a list of 13 Collateral Events that will take place alongside the 16th International Architecture Exhibition more


Snarkitecture Toasts 10 Years

In 2000, artist Daniel Arsham asked budding architect and designer Alex Mustonen to help him draw a staircase for an assignment at the Cooper Union, where the two were enrolled. Five years later, Arsham enlisted Mustonen’s architecture... more


Spring Break 2018!

According to the official online presentation of Sagrada Familia, the central message and purpose of this temple are to shine a light on and contribute to values like, love... more


Featured Design School
Syracuse Architecture

The studio experience, at the core of our programs, focuses on the intense exploration of the creative process, supported by the most challenging approaches to history and theory in the context of the technologies... more

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