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Warren Jagger Photography Boston-based firm Payette

Payette Wins 2019 AIA
Architecture Firm Award

Payette has been selected as the 56th recipient of the American Institute of Architects’ Architecture Firm Award, the pre-eminent honor bestowed to a firm by the AIA each year. Founded in 1932 by industrial engineers Fred Markus and Paul Nocka, the Boston firm received its current moniker in 1974, nine years after the then-33-year-old Tom Payette, FAIA, was...more

Warren Jagger Photography Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex at Northeastern University



From Weapons to Wildlife:

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Management Plan

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Management Plan served a visionary purpose in the conversion of a 17,000-acre Superfund site into our nation's largest urban wildlife refuges.

The catalyst – the Refuge Act of 1992 – set forth the challenge to maximize public use at levels compatible with the conservation and enhancement... more


Richard Rogers Wins 2019 AIA
Gold Medal

“There are other colors than black,” says British architect Richard Rogers, who has a wardrobe as colorful as his personality.

“And I don’t mind if people build in all white. But I do use bright colors.” The colorful pipes and tubes—red for hot water and blue for HVAC—of his breakout work, the 1977 Centre Pompidou in Paris, designed with Renzo Piano, spring immediately to mind... more RSH

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Interior Design Hall of Fame Honoree Kengo Kuma

As a child growing up on the fringes of Tokyo, Kengo Kumasays, the building that most inspired him to become an architect was Kenzo Tange Associates’s majestic Yoyogi National Gymnasium for the 1964... more


The AIA Student Competitions

The AIAS supports and sponsors design competitions to contribute to the education of all students. Competitions present unique opportunities to investigate and utilize building materials and design techniques from different perspectives or those that the student might not be familiar with already. Participants compete among students from a broad range of... more


Can Design Help Solve LA’s Homeless Crisis?

The homeless population in Los Angeles County could fill a small city. As a design challenge, some architects have advanced both time-honored and unexpected solutions to help those in need of housing. The scope of the homelessness crisis in the Los Angeles area is staggering. The Office of the Mayor’s official website lists the city’s total at just over 34,000 homeless people, and LA County’s total... more


Featured Design School
The Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto

Offers professional graduate programs in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and visual studies  — as well as unique undergraduate programs that use architectural studies and visual studies as a lens through which students may pursue... more Video

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