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Hong Kong West Kowloon Station High-Speed Rail Terminus by Andrew Bromberg - Aedas

A' Design Award Announces
2019 Winners

The world’s largest and most diffuse international design awards, has announced results of their 2018–2019 design awards, 2437 winners from 106 countries in 98 different design disciplines. Entries were evaluated by an internationally influential jury panel composed of established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals and experienced entrepreneurs who carefully... more

NESTT Modular House by Snorre Stinessen for B&B Italia


Core77 Design Awards 2019

Holes on the membrane act as a filter, amplifying the spatial qualities of light.

Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards annually celebrates the richness of the design profession as

From the outside, there is no hint to the inside experience.

well as the insight and perseverance of its practitioners. Now in its eighth year, the Awards program remains dedicated to excellence and inclusivity... more



The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) voiced enthusiastic support for the Living Shorelines Act, introduced by Senator Kamala Harris (CA) and Senator Chris Murphy (CT) in the Senate and Chairman Frank Pallone Jr. (NJ) in the House of Representatives.

ASLA Landmark Award / Charleston Waterfront Park / Sasaki Associates, Inc

A recent study by the National Academy of Sciences found that sea-level rise could be worse than predicted by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The worst plausible estimates put as much territory as is contained in Western Europe under water, a disaster which could leave 187 million people homeless by the year 2100. This, combined with the increased frequency of severe weather events, makes landscape architecture projects that mitigate flood damage, preserve coastlines, and protect communities more... more

Carolyn Currin, discusses the benefits of living shorelines with realtors in North Carolina.

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The best kept secrets for successful firms

Share your stories and learn from peers about the most pressing topics: firm leadership development, business innovation, workplace culture, and finding a firm that fits your needs. Join the AIA Center for Practice and like-minded AIA Colorado colleagues for a discussion of the future of... more


AIA Promotes Featured Members

Matthew Hufft, AIA, is the principal and creative director at Hufft, the eponymous firm that he founded in 2005. Their first office was located in Kansas City, Missouri, and his first project was designing his parents’ home at the age of 22. To date, the firm has completed over 500... more



Carol Franklin, FASLA. The ASLA Medal 

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is proud to announce the 2019 Honors recipients. Selected by ASLA’s Board of Trustees, the honors represent the highest awards ASLA presents each year. more


Featured Design School
Berkeley College of Environmental Design

CED stands among the nation’s top environmental design schools. It is one of the world’s most distinguished laboratories for experimentation, research, and intellectual synergy. The first school to combine the disciplines of architecture, planning, and landscape architecture into a single college, CED led the way toward an integrated approach to analyzing... more

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