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2021 Pritzer Winners

FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais (2013). Photo: Philippe Ruault

Through their design of private and social housing, cultural and academic institutions, public spaces, and urban developments, Lacaton and Vassal reexamine sustainability in their reverence for pre-existing

Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal

structures, conceiving projects by first taking inventory of what already exists. By prioritizing the enrichment of human life through a lens of... more pritzker


Architecture Master Prize


Levitation: what if... theatre could float in the air? Shadow Illusion: what if... shadow could express totally differences? Transformation: what if… seeing in one direction could be different from one another? Magnification: what if... a man could be as large as the world? A49 provides a new kind of experience, in which stage plays are viewed with projection mapping technology, resulting in ‘illusions’ that become... more



Kate Macintosh awarded 2021
Jane Drew Prize for women in architecture

Macintosh, now retired, was selected in celebration of her work in public architecture and advocation for the use of buildings as a tool for social justice since 1960.

The Jane Drew Prize is awarded annually by the Architects' Journal and The Architectural Review as part of its W awards series, formerly known as the Women in Architecture awards. "I am absolutely thrilled by this news, not least because I knew Jane Drew personally and occasionally we shared a platform in schools of architecture," Macintosh told the... more

Dawson's Heights in London. Photo is by Nick Richards

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greener, resilient & prosperous

Sustainability and green building are projected to see growth for years to come, with its influence reaching across the U.S. economy, generating significant environmental and social benefits. Backed by. more


Sou Fujimoto
A Hotel In Japan

The Shiroiya Hotel is located in Maebashi, Japan, and sits on the site of a former inn that hosted guests for over 300 years.Sou Fujimoto Architects removed the original building's internal floors and added a grassy hill containing cabins. more metropolis


Notre-Dame of Paris - Update!

Today, the stability of the structure remains precarious. High heat causes chemical alteration to limestone that weakens it—but its extent at Notre-Dame is impossible to tell.  more


Featured Design School
Harvard University Graduate School of Design  

The Department’s philosophy of design excellence integrates the imaginative and skillful manipulation of form, as well as the ability to draw inspiration from a broad body of knowledge. more

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