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MASS Design Group 2022 AIA Architecture Firm Award

African Leadership University Campus. Photo: Iwan Baan

The Board of Directors and the Strategic Council of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) today honored MASS Design Group with the 2022 AIA Architecture Firm Award. The annual AIA Architecture Firm

Award is the highest honor the AIA bestows on an architecture practice. The award recognizes a firm that has consistently produced distinguished architecture for at least 10 years. more Mass Design


AIA Awards 2022 Gold Medal to
Brooks + Scarpa

Photo: John Edward Linden

The Board of Directors and the Strategic Council of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) have awarded the 2022 Gold Medal to Angela Brooks, FAIA, and Lawrence Scarpa, FAIA, for their lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture. more


ASLA Landscape Awards

The Natural History Museum of Utah provides an introduction to a remarkable landscape, and celebrates unique paleontological discoveries, unusual gems and minerals, preserved prehistoric artifacts, and stories told by contemporary native people. Bridging of divide

Natural History Museum of Utah 

of nature and culture, the Museum offers an abstract extension and transformation of the land: its campus an expression of a landscape defined by rock, minerals, and vegetation. more

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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Architecture

Parametric architecture

Architects are not sure what to think about artificial intelligence. You are probably very familiar with how AI will change industries, like cybersecurity, medicine, and manufacturing. Well, how about architecture? The core... more


Travel Architecture

The architecture of Europe is varied, rich in history and tradition and with great names within contemporary architects. The small size of the countries and the relatively short distances between them make it possible to visit several in a... more


Riding the Vortex
Wins 2022 AIA Whitney M. Young Jr. Award

The collaboration of volunteers holds programs across the country—and, more recently, virtually—attracting and adding local architects into its ever-expanding network of mentors. more


Featured Design School
MIT Architecture  

MIT Architecture is shaped by MIT’s architecture. From our front door on Massachusetts Avenue, this architecture is imposing, classical, and apparently immutable. more

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