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Life on the ocean wave: Why architects are drawn to boats

Modernist architects found inspiration in early 20th-century liners, translating nautical symbolism to their buildings. There is no modern architecture without boats. This might not be true, but you could make a

case for it. From the pointed prows of the Chilehaus and the Expressionist buildings of the port of Hamburg, to the white walls and ribbon windows of the Villa Savoye, right through to the white sails of the Sydney Opera House and the metallic glint of the Bilbao Guggenheim, the history of Modernism... more


Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Water Projects

Architect Renzo Piano at the helm

Building on, over, beside, or in water is something so intrinsic to Renzo Piano Building Workshop that, over the years, it has become steeped in the agency’s DNA. Growing up by the Italian port of Genoa, RPBW’s founder, Renzo Piano, has a longstanding personal relationship with the sea. Watching ships sail by was a daily reality. Sundays inevitably meant family walks by the sea. Piano built his first boat as... more


Take to the Seas on a Frank Gehry-Designed Yacht

In between designing international museums and giving journalists the finger, Frank Gehry likes to unwind at sea. The lifelong yachtsman just last year

designed a 74-foot wooden sailboat alongside naval architect Germán Frers for real estate bigwig Richard Cohen. While the yacht has thus far been reserved for Cohen’s private use, according to Gehry in an interview with Sotheby’s (h/t LLNYC), another wealthy seafarer can now raise its sails for a mere $100,000. more

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Carme Pinós, Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize 2022

The American Academy of Arts and Letters announces the recipients of its 2022 architecture awards. The Academy’s annual architecture awards program began in 1955 with... more


Architecture billings continue growth

“Architecture billings, while remaining at very healthy levels in recent months, have slowed considerably from the middle of last year,” said AIA Chief Economist, Kermit Baker, Hon. AIA, PhD. “This no doubt reflects delays in the construction sector caused by supply challenges for both labor and materials, as well as...more


Top 20 Interior Designers in Los Angeles

Gone are the days of the headline-grabbing, Hollywood designer whose brand is emblazoned on every throw pillow and candle. Tinseltown’s new breed of influential interior designers are more discreet, less dictatorial and all about creating chic spaces where the tastes of their industry-insider...more


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UC Berkeley Department of Architecture  

We teach students to imagine, question, experiment, innovate, build, and reflect. Our curriculum is designed to foster independent thinking and to give students a balance of foundational knowledge and skills, with... more

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