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2023 Architecture Firm Award

Mithun, founded by beloved University of Washington Professor Omer Mithun in 1949, is an integrated design firm that introduces positive change through its holistic, interdisciplinary pursuit of architecture. With a deep

belief in design’s ability to change people’s lives and connect them deeply to place, the firm embraces its 70-year history of excellence but remains committed to addressing today’s critical challenges. In doing so, Mithun carefully balances three crucial outcomes of a successful modern architecture.... more  Mithun

North Seattle College Health Sciences and Student
Resource Center


The Landmark Award

Crissy Field San Francisco, California, United States
Hargreaves Jones

Since opening in 2001, Crissy Field has become an iconic destination in San Francisco for over 1 million visitors each year. The dramatic site at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge was historically tidal marsh, then filled for the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition, later occupied by the U.S. Army, and finally transferred to the National Park Service – at that time, a neglected site comprised of 45 acres of asphalt, miles of chain link fence, and abandoned buildings. more


2023 Gold Medal
Carol Ross Barney, FAIA

As a leader of civic design’s vanguard since the early 1980s, Carol Ross Barney, FAIA, has persistently pursued architecture that betters the daily life of all who interact with it. Her thoughtful and transformative projects, almost all of which exist in the public realm, are imbued with hope and received with acclaim.

From her early days in the Peace Corps working alongside the newly formed Costa Rican National Park Service to close collaborations with the leaders of the largest U.S. cities, all of Barney’s work has been guided by the ethos that good design is a.... more

The McDonald's Global Flagship at Walt Disney World Resort

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Red Dot Design Award

“In search of good design” – the Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions. The Red Dot Label has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after marks of quality for good design. In order to appraise the diversity in this field in a professional manner, the Red Dot Design Award breaks down into three disciplines. more


World Architecture Awards 10+5+X

Façade Design by Selem Senin
Reale Hospital, Kenya

Since 2006 and for over 40 Cycles, World Architecture Community organizes the prestigious and acclaimed World Architecture Community Awards (WA Awards). The WA Awards highlights and recognizes remarkable projects that have the potential to inspire exciting .... more


Innovations in Structural Engineering

3D-Printing for Concrete and Metal Structures

Structural engineers are taking advantage of some of the latest developments in computer science, robotics, and materials to reinvent how they approach the design of new structures.Recent innovations in the field are solving some of the biggest challenges the discipline faces right now. These include.... more


Featured Design School
Columbia University
Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

GSAPP develops new forms of pedagogy, research, and practice to engage the crucial issues of our time across all scales of the built environment. more

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