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Wittus - Fire by Design
40 Westchester Ave.
POB 120
Pound Ridge, NY 10576

Tel : 914.764.5679
Fax: 914.764.0465

Niels and Alyce Wittus

With 45 years as an importer of quality fireplaces/stoves to America, we take pride in importing and developing new European products that maintain the 'tradition' of an efficient alternative stove (Br├Žndeovn, in Danish) and combine the modern styling with state-of-the-art technology. Viewing the fire is key, and we stress design and craftsmanship as well. The Wittus products come in a variety of styles to suit contemporary and classic tastes.

Product Categories:
10300 Fireplaces, Stoves + Mantels
11430 Grills, Stoves, Stove Tops + Ranges

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
If you have any questions or would like more information, please send us an e-mail or give us a call.
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Green Green Products
Shaker - 21st century wood stove designed by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen
Stack ceramic modular wood burning stove designed by Adriano Design Studio
Stromboli woodburning stove, oval on a pedestal and gracefully turns around
Tatiana is an open fire and with full rotation suspended or double-sided
Klassic cookstove fireplace developed by the renowned Danish industrial designer Bent Falk
Lugo efficient fireplace and oven designed for both heating and baking
Domino 8 Maxi - a kitchen treasure cooking with wood, in various models
600 Insert contemporary, designed to fit most existing open hearths
Arte zero-clearance built-in fireplace enjoyed with the door open or closed
Flatfire direct vent gas fireplace - hangs on the wall with Tree-line silhouette
Phoenix grill in cor-ten steel is an outdoor fireplace, barbeque grill, and sculpture
Takk twig poker made of durable aluminum and wrapped with a leather handle
Brands / Products:
Wittus Contemporary Wood and Gas Stoves, Cook Stoves and Ranges, Modern Built-in Fireplaces, Outdoor Grill, Accessories - Utensils, Log Holders, and Floor Plates

New Products:
Shaker Wood Stove
Stack Wood Stoves
Stromboli Rotating Wood Stove
Hanging Fireplaces
Lugo Cookstove
Domino Cook Stove Ranges

Built-In Fireplaces and Inserts
Slim-Line Built-In Gas Fireplaces
Outdoor Grills

Green Statement/Products:
The Wittus wood burning stove/fireplaces are highly efficient and meet EPA standards. The firebox geometry and the computer designed baffle system control the correct mixture of air and smoke gases, which virtually eliminate (through secondary burning) any excess particulate (pollution) and produce a clean burn.
Winner of the Pellet Stove Design Challenge

NYTimes - Fireplaces & Woodstoves
Products Magazine - Hearth and Home
Wall St Journal - Into the Woods
Dwell.com-penthouse on Gilsey House

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