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D.P. Industries
16 Kit Kat
Carson City, NV 89706

Tel : 805.238.9011
Fax: 775.246.9010
Contact: David Paine
D. P. Industries

David R Paine - President/CEO
David M Paine - Vice President

D.P. Industries Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of aircraft hangar doors that are both large and unusual, as well as blast doors, movable aircraft tail enclosures and specialty systems. With over a 34 years history in these industries, D.P. Industries provides experienced craftsmanship and the assurance that your project will be completed in a professional and timely manner. D.P. Industries in-house capabilities include: designing, engineering, machining, fabrication and installation. D.P. This experience level and attention to detail allows D.P. Industries to offer our customers the most competitive pricing in today's market.

Product Categories:
05580 Metal Fabrications: Formed + Metalwork
08300 Specialty Doors + Entry Doors
08335 Utility Doors + Access Panels
08342 Industrial + Hangar Doors
08460 Automatic Sliding + Revolving Doors
08470 Bullet + Blast Resistant Doors
13122 Metal Building Systems



Showrooms / Distributors:
The showroom is our facility, each opening at our facility has a different type of door system. We can show a partial canopy, side sliding and a vertical lift at this time.

Brands / Products:
Hangar Doors: Sliding Hangar Doors, Vertical Lifting Hangar Doors, Side Sliding Aperture, Partial Canopy Hangar Doors, Full Canopy Hangar Doors, Free Standing / Side Sliding, Free Standing / Partial Canopy Hangar Doors.
Industrial Doors: Hydraulic Gates, Swinging Paint Booth.
Paint Booth Doors: Side Sliding Paint Booth Doors, Swinging Paint Booth Doors.
Bunker Doors/Blast Proof Doors: Sliding Munitions Storage, Swinging Munitions Storage.

Sliding Hangar Doors
Vertical Lifting Hangar Doors
Hydraulic Gates

New Products:
Bunker Doors/Blast Proof Doors
Sliding Munitions Storage

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