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Fox Blocks by Airlite Plastics Company
6110 Abbott Drive
Omaha, NE 68110

Tel : 877.369.2562
Fax: 402.408.5099
Contact: Marketing Manager

Mike Kennaw, Vice President and GM
Randy Daniels, Business Development Advisor Western US
Justice Olson, Business Development Advisor Eastern US

With decades of experience and innovation in the ICF industry, Fox Blocks backs up our products, with support, service and delivery that builders, contractors and designers expect.
In 2006 after 20 years of producing all brands of ICFs, Airlite Plastics Co. introduced the Fox Blocks ICF brand to the market with the latest design for energy efficient, resilient, durable and sustainable construction products.
New in Q4 of 2020: The educational training portal –the Integrated Learning Center was launched for installers, dealers and designers.

Product Categories:
03050 Concrete Materials + Methods
03100 ICFs, Concrete Forms, Molds + Accessories
03300 Structural Concrete, Cast in Place
04220 Masonry: Concrete + Concrete Bricks
07200 Thermal Insulation + Protection
07210 Building Insulation + Foam Insulation
07240 Exterior Insulation + Finish Systems (EIFS)
07260 Vapor, Moisture + Air Barriers

Commercial + Residential

MarketNorth America

Showrooms / Distributors:
Purchase Fox Blocks and TRUEGRID Pavers through our certified network of dealers throughout the US and Canada.
Visit www.foxblocks.com to find a dealer near you.

Green Green Products
Mayura Manor, Winter Park FL, 3,283 SF Fox Blocks, ICF Install: 15 days, Winner Large Residential ICF Builder Award
Kayden’s Place, Winnipeg, MB 1200 SF Fox Blocks, ICF Install: 1 Week, 1st Runner Up Specialty Application ICF Builder Award
Springhouse Village, Springfield, MO 55,260 SF of Fox Blocks, ICF Installation: 145 days, 1st Runner Up Multi Family & People’s Choice Award Winner - ICF Builder Awards
Lake Powell Residence, Page, AZ, 5,019 SF Fox Blocks, ICF Install: 35 days, 2nd Runner Up Unlimited Residential ICF Builder Awards
Zero Place, New Paltz, NY, 29,000 SF Fox Blocks, ICF Install: 70 days, LEED Platinum, Winner Multi Family, Low Rise ICF Builder Award
Sofia Court, Walikill, NY 2,642 sq ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 28 days, HERS Lowest Rating in North America Net Zero. HERS Score: 26.
Fox Blocks 6-in-1: The Elements That Make Our ICF Walls Superior
Whitewater Crossing Church Cleves, OH 24,000 sq.ft. of Fox Blocks
Chatham Mixed Use, Fairhope, AL 6,379 SF Fox Blocks, ICF Install: 1st level: 7 days, 2nd level: 8 days, 2nd Runner Up MultiFamily ICF Bulder Award
Hudson Studios, Bellingham, WA 14,684 SF Fox Blocks, ICF Install: 60 days, 1st Runner Up Light Commercial ICF Builder Awards
Hurricane Harvey Rebuild, Rockport, TX, 6,678 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 25 days
Roy Junior High School, Roy UT, 121,217 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 150 days, Winner Heavy Commercial & People’s Choice
MHA Interpretative Center, New Town, SD, 23,727 SF Fox Blocks, ICF Install: 60 days, 2nd Runner Up Heavy Commercial
The Condor Infinity Edge Pool, Sprinfield, MO 1030 SF Fox Blocks, ICF Install: 8 days, Winner Specialty Application ICF Builder Award
Showbiz Cinema, Homestead, FL 88,144 sq. ft. of Fox Blocks, Install Time: 100 days, Winner Heavy Commercial
PHNX 1/Palos Residence Santa Clarita, CA 4,795 SF Fox Blocks, ICF Install: 50 Days, 2nd Runner Up Small Residential ICF Builder Awards
Brands / Products:
Fox Blocks offers a variety of ICF products that are distinguished for their ease of use and structural integrity.
Fox Blocks Series
Fox Blocks Compact
Fox Blocks Accessories

New Products:
TRUE­GRID joins the fam­i­ly of Air­lite prod­ucts aimed at inno­vat­ing the sus­tain­able con­struc­tion mar­ket. The paving sys­tem is a nat­ur­al com­ple­ment to Airlite’s Fox Blocks brand of ICF build­ing blocks.

Green Statement/Products:
Airlite has found a unique delivery method of manufacturing ICF forms with the lowest carbon footprint possible to ensure Fox Blocks...as a sustainable building product...treads as lightly as possible on energy resources while offering a high performance building envelope advantage year after year.
Recycling and Sustainability
Environmental and Sustainability
Achieve a Net Zero Office Building With These Architectural Tips


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