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Contego International
PO Box 49
Rochester, IN 46975

Tel : 800.434.6444
Tel : 317.580.0665
Fax: 317.580.0663

Tony Scott, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development
John M. Schwartz, Director, International Operations

Contego is Latin for “to shield, defend, or protect”, which is also our mission. Contego is the only intumescent manufacturer using triple redundant quality control and spectrofluoroscopic FTIR analysis to map chemical signature. Contego is unique -- all of our data is highly consistent, contributing to nearly universal acceptance for virtually any structural design. Structures treated with Contego offer a level of safety that can be measured in lives saved and property losses averted.

Product Categories:

Halley Research Station, for the British Antarctic Survey
Honda manufacturing facility, Guangzhou China, used Contego HS formula
Saudi Arabia Rail uses Contego to proctect the steel in their stations
Contego was used to replace mastic fireproofing Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center
The Hyatt hotels uses Contego to protect many of their properties
Chicago Midway Airport
The steel in Investors Group Field in Winnipeg is protected by Contego
KMK Place, St. John's NL, Contego fireproofed the steel in the foyer
Contego used during construction on steel beams, Shanghai New Ideal Shopping Mall
Contego fire barrier with one Canada's premier developers collaborated on 351, St. John's
William Osler Healthcare Center Ontario, Canada, used Contego to protect structural steel
Tim Horton Event Centre used Contego for this 60,000 sq. foot project

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